The following projects were awarded funding by the GRI Local Action Group at a decision-making meeting in May 2017:

All-Weather Golf Practice Facility: Phase 2 | [Photos]

Gourock Golf Club was awarded £37,560 for phase 2 of their all-weather practice facility. This will enhance the facility’s offering to the community by installing new golf technology.

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Sam Torrance also praised the facility in February 2018

The Glasgow Herald referenced the project in its Golf Supplement in March 2018

The Greenock Telegraph has written about the project

Ardgowan Distillery Visitor Centre: Concept Design 

Ardgowan Distillery was awarded £11,297.50 for their project. LEADER will help the distillery produce a clear design concept for the visitor centre, which will bring together several design experts at this early stage to formulate a cohesive plan for the detailed design phase. 

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The following projects were awarded funding by the GRI Local Action Group at a decision-making meeting in December 2016:

All-Weather Golf Practice Facility | [Photos]

Gourock Golf Club was awarded £42,500.00 for their project: an all-weather golf practice facility. Fair weather golfers will know how it feels to be at the mercy of Scottish summers! So Gourock Golf Club devised a project that would combine tourism and social inclusion. The construction of an all-weather golf practice facility will encourage day visitors into the area to practice their swing, no longer bound by unreliable weather. Similarly, trying to encourage young people into the sport is often seasonal due to golf courses being unusable during the winter. However, social inclusion is not just for spring and summer; it must be sustained throughout the calendar year. This new facility will not only be all-weather, but also for the whole year, and it will help to keep young people engaged with the sport.

Park Farm Expansion

Miller Family Enterprises received a grant award of £90,167.81 to allow them to re-locate and expand an existing business. LEADER funding will allow this rural enterprise to develop their business much quicker than would have otherwise been possible. The current yard is shared by three businesses, limiting space for day-to-day operations. The new yard will be accessible by public transport and the main road, helping to attract new customers and create job opportunities.

Clyde Muirshiel Tag n Track Project [Photos]

Clyde Muirshiel received £39,986.66 for its ‘Tag n Track’ project. The project will be tracking and monitoring lesser black-backed gulls and barn owls, both found within the Regional Park. Using satellite tags on the birds, school children will be able to track bird movements using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

KLAS Care: Refurbished Janitor House 

KLAS Care, a community interest company (CIC), received LEADER funding totalling £115,672.40 towards refurbishing an old, dilapidated school janitor house. The project will improve the local economy through increased employment and providing more childcare.