LAG Meetings

2017 Decision-Making Meetings:

Tuesday 21st February (past) | Approved Minutes (LAG Feb 21st 2017)

Thursday 18th May (past) | Approved Minutes of LAG Meeting Thursday 18th May

Tuesday 8th August (past)| Approved Minutes of LAG Meeting Tuesday 8th August 2017

Thursday 2nd November  (past) | Approved Minutes of LAG Thursday 2nd November 2017

2018 Decision-Making Meetings:

Thursday 1st February (past)  | Approved and Signed Meeting Minutes (Feb 1st 2018 LAG)

Thursday 24th May (past) |Approved and Signed Meeting Minutes (May 24th 2018 LAG)

Thursday 12th July | Approved and Signed Meeting Minutes (Jun 7th 2018 LAG)

Tuesday 2nd October |

Thursday 13th December  |